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2024 New Year’s Dumbledore Debate

Episode #20 – In this episode, Jonathan and Ragan talking about the previous year of writing (2023) and how they did at finishing (or not finishing) their rough drafts (and the penalties involved with non-completion). They discuss metrics from Spotify Podcasting and then have a debate as to whether or not Dumbledore is a good guy. AND they discuss a giveaway to promote this podcast in the New Year!

Merpeople Gene-splicing – A Live Plotting Episode

Episode #15 – In this episode, Jonathan and Ragan (and Avery) attempt to plot a new novel live. We dive into world-building, character-building, motivations, magic-systems, and merpeople genocide. We thought it would be a fun exercise so that our listeners could experience the goofy things we talk about and also see what it’s like to develop ideas for your stories.

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