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In this episode, we talk about world-building. Writing fiction involves placing characters into a world. What does that world look like? Is it modern-day Earth? Is it Medieval Europe? Is it some alien planet that looks nothing like Earth? How do people dress? What religions are involved? These are some of the writing topics we dig into.

Plotters vs Pantsers

In this episode, we discuss how authors plan and write books. Specifically, we talk about the difference between plotters and pantsers. Plotters are authors who plan out their novels and outline the details of the book to varying degrees of specificity. Pantsers just write. Sit down and write!

Writing Accountability

In this episode, we discuss writing accountability. One of the most difficult aspects of writing a book is the simple task of getting words on the page. Just write! In order to set ourselves up for success, we have attempted to put into place some accountability measures to make sure we accomplish our goal.

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