Building a Daily Writing Habit: Tools and Apps for Habit Tracking

Mini-Episode #3 – January 31, 2024

Embark on a quest to perfect your writing habits with the latest mini-episode of Writing on Caffeine, where Jonathan Franzone equips you with the finest tools and apps to keep your literary engines churning. Discover the magic of habit trackers that transform your daily writing tasks into epic quests and the satisfaction of ticking off each day’s goal. Tune in to find your ultimate writing ally, and take a step closer to completing your novel.

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Welcome aboard another mini-episode of Writing On Caffeine, your steadfast companion on the voyage of the written word. I’m Jonathan Franzone, your guide through the intricate landscape of the writer’s journey. Today, as we continue forward in our series “Building a Daily Writing Habit,” we shine a spotlight on the engines of regularity: Tools and Apps for Habit Tracking.

Picture this: You’ve set your writing goals, you’re sipping on your coffee, ready to conquer the page. Yet, the question lingers – how do you maintain the steady hum of your writing rhythm. Do you don’t want to lose a single day’s progress! Enter your reliable navigator – habit tracking tools. They are what keep the fires burning and the wheels turning on the track to success.

Let’s start with an app that’s like the Swiss Army knife for writers—Evernote. It’s the perfect place to jot down ideas, organize your research, and, yes, track your writing habits. It syncs across all your devices, ensuring the notes you take on your phone are right there on your laptop when you sit down to write.

But maybe you’re someone who needs a visual of your progress, like watching the landscape fly by from a train window. Trello boards can be your panoramic view. Pin your tasks, move them through stages, watch your story grow from concept to creation.

And for those who want something with a bit more punch, a bit more fun—there’s Habitica. It gamifies your life, turning daily tasks into quests. As you check off your writing goals, your character levels up. It’s like turning your writing journey into an RPG—how cool is that?

Now, if you’re a stats person, someone who likes to see the numbers, RescueTime might just be your ticket. It tracks how you spend your time, giving you a no-nonsense look at just how many hours you’re dedicating to your writing—or to those pesky distractions.

And let’s not overlook the classic digital calendar, whichever one you prefer. Setting reminders for your writing sessions can be as crucial as catching the 5 o’clock express. When that notification pops up, it’s time to board the writing train, no excuses.

Of course, there’s power in simplicity. Don’t underestimate a well-placed sticky note, a visible wall planner, or a writing journal. Sometimes, the act of physically crossing out a day or ticking a box can be immensely satisfying, like punching your ticket at each station along your journey.

Whichever tool or app you choose, remember, it’s there to serve you, not to rule you. Use it to steer your writing habit, not to add pressure. The true work, the heart of the story, that’s up to you.

So, what will be your co-pilot on this writing expedition? Drop me a line at loading... , or share your thoughts across the social platforms – find us on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram. Let’s share what works and fuel each other’s progress.

Thank you for joining me for this cup of Writing On Caffeine. Next time, we’ll tackle the common adversary every writer faces – “Overcoming Writer’s Block” – ensuring your creative journey never hits a dead end. Until we meet again, keep your ideas brewing, your coffee strong, and your narratives stronger!